All the new things, or at least some.

Things have been quite active, and if I can remember all the things I have been working on since last month I will share them now Firstly, a had been playing around with some Applescript development in order to better manage my very customized OSX workflow. I made it most of the way through, I was able to generate a ‘.plist’ file, then use another script to read the value, save it as a variable and use it in a useful way. I was able to do all of this, except for use it in the way I wanted, I will have to innovate around this, however, due to a limitation with the Applescript implementation I was unable to pass the variable where I needed. I will innovate a solution around this at another time.

I had done a bit of work with Kivy Python GUI framework, though I was having some issues finding a path for making a window without borders and have it be on top of other OSX windows. I will revisit this, though this is a lower priority project

That has been far from all, I have been working a lot more on front-end development and currently am playing with materialize.js, impress.js, and reveal.js frameworks primarily thus far. I plan for materialize.js to be used on my company website, which is now under development.

I have acquired a new soldering station and related tools, 6 additional 8266 dev boards and have new development paths I am pursuing.

I have become aware of the VM provisioning tool Vagrant and it is beginning to revolutionize my development workflow.

While there is certainly more to share, I expect to be more active and elaborate with my posts in the months ahead for a variety of reasons. Until then, take care!