Sigh of relief and treading on.

With a bit of scare and nearly a week without my laptop, I was able to isolate and replace the charger for my Macbook Pro. This gave me to time think hard about my upgrade plans.Luckily, I still have time to consider those plans though as I am extremely glad to have my system back. Now back to working on stuff and things. I had been able to launch a mqtt broker on google cloud and run it with a mac, android and and esp8266 client. The one caveat with the 8266 was it would not connect with my phone wifi hotspot. Which has me thinking about how to troubleshoot connectivity issues. From what I can tell, the 8266 library is limited in what types of networks it can connect with. I haven’t found any more capable libraries available. Perhaps a different platform is in order and I am exploring options. I will play a bit with the vocore2.. Though I am sticking with the 8266 as my primary prototyping unit for the time being.

I had also done more on my location-aware bitbar plugin. I have quickly grown attached to the feature concept, and am looking into how I might build my native app for the features in mind. For now, I consider my plugin a functional prototype and something the bitbar community might like.

My business, Interactive Ambitions LLC is now registered with the state of Florida and I am excited to be pursuing development of viable products.

I recently received my first smart watch, a used Zenwatch 2. Though I am still fresh learning the UI, features and third-party application options, I have thought of some neat ideas on additional unique projects. I need a new band for it, I would like something quite unique eventually. Looking at leather, perhaps making removable and be able to move it to my car dash with a charging unit.

Finally, I may make this blog my primary method of making posts on-line. Meaning Facebook and other social media posts will now link to articles I have written here on this website. I will install, learn, and evaluate at least 1 or 2 analytics platforms in the near future.

Well, probably a bit left on my mind, but that will be all for now.