A better way.

I have improved my develop workflow considerably.. which given my laptop is 13″ with pretty low resolution, anything I can do to make things smoother goes a long way.

Hotkeys that go directly to important applications.

F1 takes me to Chrome in full screen.

F2 takes me to Bear notes

F3 takes me iTerm2 terminal

F4 takes me Visual Code

F5 takes me to Desktop 5

I do this In conjunction with the ‘Function Flip’ preference pain, Quicksilver triggers, and standard hotkey preferences.

With the Helium, I am able to overlay a small window for a website even on top of full-screened applications. This 90% functionally amazing, there are a few limitations.

All of this has been nice, but there is still a challenge. If I want to follow a coding video or keep directions on screen.. doing so from the helium window doesn’t allow me to see code easily. Leaving me constantly changing desktops and feeling frustrated.

Yesterday, this has been further improved by the addition of an Ipad into the mix. With Duet, I am able to use the Ipad as a second screen and run my Android phone to it with Vysor. I am now fully equipped for a mobile development journey on both IOS and Android, and have my best workflow yet.

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