Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift cv1

I have had my new Oculus Rift for about 3 weeks and I absolutely love it. I am very excited about where the tech is going over the next several years.

Some of my unique uses so far is using my Android phone in VR. Alos, having my rowing machine within the sensor range and exercising with it while reading a book. On the VR side, I am using an app called Big Screen, The is book rendered to my Windows desktop from my Android phone using an app called Vysor and Moon Reader Pro. I very much like how this app auto scrolls. I also have way to auto scroll websites and pdf files.

I have found reading while rowing helps in a couple of important ways, where I normally might get bored and distracted on an exercise machine, I am now mentally engaged and learning. Conversely, where I might normally get distracted while trying to read technical material I am involved with rowing.

I am also exploring building my own VR experiences, largely I want to incorporate use of the rowing machine. Or going with a more mobile platform I can design something exercise related that can be used more broadly. I am very interested in doing some sort of interactive experiences and looking into a workflow for 360 degree video with and without interactivity.

It is exciting and a long time in the making, both with the tech and with me personally. I look forward to an exciting future!

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