Controlling processing via MIDI

In my quest for making better customized visuals for the music I never finish, I have been able to get a processing sketch to listen for MIDI notes and make changes based on that. So far it changes the background on the Kick drum, changes images and text on the snare and also supports changing between different modes.  Finally it also reacts to sound, though I haven’t gotten this aspect to work exactly the way I would want.

From here I can and will easily add in control to some neo-pixel lights. Of course, the biggest challenge now is to develop something epic with this infrastructure of awesomeness. While I have some ideas on it I want to work at, my a-ha moment hasn’t quite come.I would have loved and had plans to incorporate this into my Kinect visuals, my Kinect seems to be borked at the moment.

That said, I will likely be focusing on visuals unique to tracks I am working on and incorporating kinetic typography.

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