Minecraft modding and server hosting

Recently I have made some progress with Minecraft development, firstly I have been able to setup the Forge development environment and get two very simple modifactions running on Minecraft 1.11.2. I first followed a book “Minecraft modding with Forge”, though it was based on 1.8, and the example code did not function. I have been able to find more up to date code on the authors github, however the changes are not well documented. Also, Minecraft 1.12 came out within just a week or two after this. I will need to understand Java and Object Oriented Programming better before going to deep, though I am making real progress.

So far the mod can take in text input from the player and give the player something back in response. The second thing it does is put a message on screen when a player breaks a block. These two things are core to the basic functionality I want, I want to control aspects from the game from an IRC chatroom. Eventually for this to have native Slack integration. With a world of other ideas on top of this, but this is the starting goal.

Also today I was able to get a Minecraft server started on my home computer, and run in from minecraft.abstrackt2actual.com. I have found that my domain register supports DynamicDNS, I was able to get this running. However I don’t currently have a windows update client for this, I have found a way to do this with a HTTP request and hope to automate that to happen every 2-4 hours.

I also learned a neat way to forward a specific port to a separate host computer with from my AWS webhost server. So for example www.abstrackt2actual:666 could interface to a raspberry pi in my home. I want to think of a way for minecraft.abstrackt2actual.com to use my AWS server for a Minecraft related website, and the server port to my home server.


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