The last month has not been slow

While I have not been posting actively as I should, I certainly have been learning and doing. Mostly learning. I have learned more about complicated programming topicsĀ than I previously thought I wasn’t currently capable of. From topics on computer vision, random maze generation, deep learning, path finding and more.

Additionally I have been able to get OpenCV/SimpleCV running on my mac and have some face detection functioning. I intend to do more in the future with face recognition.

I got around to playing with my Kinect, I have been building on the functionality of some example code from the library I am using. The most major addition, was to add Mac Syphon support so that the output can be easily be pushed to other applications for easily building on the visual epic-ness. I also intend to add midi support to it as well.

I have put linux on my LEGO Mindstorms and been able to ssh into it, to further my laptop lego torrent project. A project that will use face recognition on my laptop at a password prompt, then shot at you if you type in the wrong password. Just a bit of silly-ness to practice programming.

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